noviembre 30, 2016

FLENDER Gear Units for Belt Conveyors



In open-cast mining, bulk material often has to be transported over considerable distances. Whereas in the old days this was normally done using trucks, continuous conveyors are the more modern method of choice. The belts can be several kilometers long and more than three meters wide. They operate at speeds that may exceed 7 m/s. Large conveyors are installed in the open, frequently in remote areas with poor access. The gear units have to operate extremely reliably because there is unlikely to be any cooling water available on site. Moreover, the material frequently needs transporting upward or downward to different heights.

FLENDER gear units are supplied with an air-oil cooler or an enlarged housing surface if high working temperatures are expected. Depending on the operating conditions, they are fitted with backstops or brakes to prevent the belt from traveling backwards – and the load from falling off the conveyor – when the drive is switched off.


 Technical data

Types Helical and bevel helical gear units
Sizes 22
Gear stages 2 and 3-stage
Power ratings up to 4,500 kW
Transmission ratios i = 5 to 9
Nominal torques 6.2 to 900 kNm
Mounting positions horizontal


  • High operational reliability
  • High thermal capacity
  • Large housing surface
  • Forced lubrication by flanged-on pump
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Coupling flange
  • Low noise level
  • High efficiencies


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