noviembre 30, 2016

FLENDER Gear Units for Rotary Kilns



The rotary kiln is the core of lime and cement clinker production. In the slightly inclined cylindrical tube, which rotates around its longitudinal axis during the firing process, the lime powder is heated up to 1450 °C and burned into cement clinker. The rotation has both a transport and an air injection effect. The length of such a kiln can be well over 100 meters. In this type of kiln, the limestone is added at the slightly higher end and slowly passes through the kiln due to the rotation. All drive elements must also be inclined accordingly. CURRAX offers the latest Siemens FLENDER drive systems for rotary kilns: frequency controlled electric motors, FLENDER helical, bevel helical, and planetary gear units, FLENDER auxiliary gear units with integral overrunning clutch and centrifugal brake, holding brake, auxiliary motor, and FLENDER couplings.

Suitable FLENDER gear unit types

  • FLENDER gear units
  • FLENDER planetary gear units

Advantages of FLENDER planetary gear units

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Auxiliary drive mounted on the side of the main gear unit
  • Gear units, torque reaction arm system, motors, couplings, brakes, oil supply systems are supplied ready for installation (everything from a single source)


Lime and cement industry