noviembre 30, 2016

FLENDER Gear Units for Sugar Mills



FLENDER gear units are used in the manufacturing process of sugar from sugar beet and sugar cane and contribute to saving energy through their optimized design. Carefully planned drive systems are designed to save space.

For mill drives, the core of the sugarcane industry, CURRAX provides load-sharing Siemens FLENDER DUORED 2 gear units, for example, and low-speed PLANUREX planetary gear units are used for diffuser drives. FLENDER gear units are also found on conveyor belts, crushing machines, and turbines used to generate electricity.

FLENDER gear units are also used in sugar production from sugar beet. For example, each pulp press is equipped with up to eight FLENDER planetary gear units (PLANUREX), but also frequency-controlled FLENDER gear units are used for the counter-current beet cossettes macerator, and MOTOX-N geared motors are used in the extraction plant.

Technical Data

  • Type: DUORED
  • Sizes: from 550 to 1200
  • Power rating: up to 9,740 kW
  • Ratios: i = from 18 to 900
  • Nominal torque: from 550 to 4,800 kNm


  • Design optimized for energy savings
  • Noise-optimized
  • Space-saving design
  • Highest efficiency with favorable temperature behavior
  • Worldwide service


Processing of sugar beet and cane