noviembre 28, 2016




The coupling portfolios normally found on the market consist of comparable couplings with a maximum permissible torque corresponding to twice the coupling’s nominal torque. To be on the safe side – for example during the run-up phase of an asynchronous motor with typical starting torques and tilting moments – it is often necessary to fall back on the next-largest coupling size. If high rotational speeds or relatively large bores need to be taken into account, the market often offers costly steel solutions.

The new N-BIPEX® copes with just these situations and offers not only higher maximum torques but also an extended range of bores comparable to that normally available only with steel hubs.

With its cast hubs, the N-BIPEX allows greater freedom when designing the cam geometry, thereby laying the foundation for the innovative Curved Design. Compared to the milled cams typically available on the market, this design results in uniform loading of the elastomer compression bodies under all conditions and, in particular, prevents inward deformation of the cam ring due to load peaks that can cause greater wear. Hubs made of high-quality nodular cast iron allow the N-BIPEX to cope with high rotational speeds and critical bores.



N-BIPEX provides reserves that are considerably greater than those normally available on the market, thus achieving a significant reduction in wear.

The N-BIPEX’s “one hub to meet all requirements” concept allows the complexity to be minimized by reducing the number of versions. The end user no longer needs to choose between gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and steel. N-BIPEX covers the entire torque spectrum from 12 Nm to 4,650 Nm with only one single hub version made of nodular cast iron.

The customer saves storage and process costs and profits from the simple selection process.

The elastomers used in N-BIPEX are designed for peak performance. The specially optimized material allows it to achieve top values for the relevant criteria: compressive strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and deformation capability. The relevant performance characteristics of the material remain stable over a very wide temperature range, allowing it to be used from -50 °C to +100 °C without limiting the nominal torque. For the end user, this means not only greater process reliability but also a saving potential with regards to the coupling size required.


Product Benefits

  • High torque reserves (maximum torque = 3 x nominal torque) to effortlessly absorb torque peaks, e.g. when an asynchronous motor is running up to speed
  • Savings due to unrestricted use at temperatures ranging from –50 °C to +100 °C
  • An excellent price-performance ratio across all coupling sizes
  • Reduced complexity and lower storage costs due to the use of a single hub to meet all requirements
  • High-quality elastomers that ensure a uniform load distribution and thus an optimum service life under all conditions
  • Different cam ring Shore hardnesses
  • ATEX certification
  • Low weight
  • Simple assembly
  • Short delivery times due to a large range of standard bores

Application Examples

N-BIPEX couplings are employed in many branches of the mechanical engineering industry. The main areas of application are well-aligned electric-motor drives with uniform torque loads, e.g. hydraulic applications or in combination with geared motors.