noviembre 30, 2016

HIMMEL Belt Adjustment Mechanism Motors And Belt Adjustment Mechanisms



HIMMEL® – Belt adjustment mechanism motors are space-saving, infinitely adjustable drive systems. The central adjustment with a hand wheel is attached in the standard model. Contrary to inverter operation, the motor output remains constant when the rotating speed drops and the torque increases.

The adjustment mechanism housing has a proven symmetrical shape. The adjusting disks have a tapered symmetrical cross-section with a low mass. The profiling of the disks guarantees even flank contact forces and therefore a high power transfer, even with high belt speeds.

The result is an optimum control response with an even progression of force and minimum energy consumption.

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,37 to 160
Driving torque Nm 1 to 1100
Rotation speed min1/rpm 248 to 3900
Adjusting range   1: 2,8  to  1: 5,5