noviembre 30, 2016

HIMMEL Flat-Motors



HIMMEL® – Pancake motors are ideal for milling, capping, scribing, drilling, sawing, machining or grinding in complex machine systems in which a great deal is demanded from the running precision and capacity. They are also ideal in simple machine systems where a reasonably priced but reliable drive solution is required because of their compact and space-saving design. Our pancake motors run trouble-free even under the most difficult conditions.

The series types of these motors are designed for 50/100,150, 200 or 300Hz. They cover a performance range from 0.5 kW to 50 kW here.

Pancake motors are broken down into four main groups:          

K55, K62, K75 and K112. Within these main groups, there are further sub-groups, which make it possible to have very individual motor designs.

The motors are completely encapsulated and surface-cooled. They can be designed for the following system of protection, depending on the requirements: IP 54, IP 55 or IP 65.

Pancake motors are almost maintenance-free and operator friendly because of the life-time lubrications of the bearings.

Possible tool holding fixtures

  • Collet chucks in accordance with DIN6388 or DIN 6499
  • HSK clamping system (HSK 32-80)
  • Hydro-clamping system
  • Hydro-format system
  • Other tool holding fixtures available on request

At one glance…

The advantages of pancake motors are:

  • the compact and space-saving design
  • the high level of running precision and smoothness
  • the high performance of the motors


Technical information, Design series K55

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,3 to 6
Rotation speed min1 1500 to 18000


Technical information, Design series K62

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,5 to 5,4
Rotation speed min1 1500 to 12000


Technical information, Design series K75

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 3,0 to 26,8
Rotation speed min1 1500 to 10000


Technical information, Design series K112

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 5,5 to 50
Rotation speed min1 1000 to 7200



  • Brake
  • PTC or WT protective contacts for coil
  • Switch-connector combinations with low voltage trip breaker

 Sample applications:

  • Machines for wood, plastic and metal processing; for sawing, milling and drilling


  • Pancake motors are available in two shapes / mounting positions:
    • Foot model
    • Flanged model
  • Second shaft end
  • Custom tool holding fixtures available on request of customer