noviembre 30, 2016

HIMMEL FMB Chain Adjustment Mechanisms



HIMMEL® – Chain adjustment mechanisms (FMB-Variators®) are mechanical infinitely adjustable full metal belt drives for horizontal and vertical layouts, available in four sizes.

If the rotating speed of the output drops, the torque increases; this is the basic principle of the chain adjustment mechanisms (FMB variators®). Contrary to inverter operation, the motor output remains constant when the rotating speed drops and the torque increases. Ideal for example for winder drives, accumulating conveyors or belt conveyors.

The positive lock between the chain and the toothed disk facilitates constant rotating speeds even with torque fluctuations, as well as excellent reproducibility in rotating speeds.

Commonly available adjustment mechanisms always wedge in the mechanical transmission element with excessive force; this is unnecessary and has a negative effect on the efficiency level.

In Himmel® Chain Adjustment Mechanisms (FMB variators®) a lever mechanism is active, which always exercises only that level of pressure on the fins that is just required. This results in low operating temperature, high durability, high power density and an outstanding efficiency level, even in the part-load operational range.

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 1 to 30
Driving torque Nm to 3 200
Control range   to 6
Ratio   to 1: 30,7