noviembre 30, 2016

HIMMEL Frictional Wheel Geared Motors And Frictional Wheel Gear Mechanisms



HIMMEL® – Frictional wheel geared motors are mechanical infinitely adjustable drives with a frictionally engaged transfer of force for horizontal and vertical layouts; available in nine sizes. If the rotating speed within the output drops, the torque increases; this is the basic principle of the frictional wheel gear mechanisms. Contrary to inverter operation, the motor output remains constant when the rotating speed of the output drops and the torque increases. As a result of the infinitely adjustability of the frictional wheel gear mechanism, speed reductions as well as speed transformations are possible. Frictional wheel gear mechanisms are mainly used in the textile and food industries.

The power transmission occurs via one or two pairs of frictional wheels located behind each other.  Depending on the load, the contact force required for the power transmission is generated by a cam plate. The contact force required for starting is initiated by a compression spring. The effective diameters of the drive and output bevels are altered by activating the regulating device. This makes it possible to change the rotating speed.


Features frictional wheel geared motors, Design series L3 till L30:

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,12 to 11,0
Rotation speed min1 133 to 3200
Adjusting range   1 : 6


 Features frictional wheel geared motors, Design series LK2 till LK5:

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0,25 to 4,0
Rotation speed min1 100 to 3200
Adjusting range   1:10

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