noviembre 30, 2016

HIMMEL Monorail Geared Motors And Monorail Gear Mechanisms



A finely graduated gear program with 6 gear sizes makes it possible to select the most suitable drive system, and thereby provides cost advantages.

HIMMEL® Electric monorail geared motors are modularly designed, perfectly synchronized and expandable as required. They are characterized by the utmost in availability and their operation is largely maintenance-free.

The gears are supplied as worm gears, spur gears and as three-phase bevel gears.

They are equipped with a mechanical claw coupling, which can be operated under load. The gears are suitable for various installation positions. The main area of application for the electric monorail geared motors is in the automotive, food and packaging industries.

Feature Unit Value
Power kW 0.045 to 7,5
Driving torque Nm 6 to 1003
Rotation speed min1/rpm 3 to 316